Letting Him Down

Redskins,www.musingsfromme.com,kids,footballSaturday was not my finest mom moment. It started on a questionable note when I slept later than usual while my son played. You might ask well his dad was up so what is the problem. The problem is that his dad and his middle sister left very early for a volleyball tournament. He rose an hour or so after the two left. While he was awake the teen and I snoozed.

In the time I was snoozing away, he created this:

Lego,Indiana Jones,kids,boys,toys

LEGO Indiana Jones Fighter Plane Attack

That’s right he made one of the planes from this kit. He proudly held it up to show me as I lay looking at him with glazed eyes. I blinked my eyes fully open, checked the clock, and thought “Oh, no!.” It was 11 a.m. I really slept in. My husband will sometimes do the weekend morning shift. But more often than not our middle daughter is the early riser who keeps her little brother company. Let’s just say the boy and I missed his sister on Saturday morning!

Once I was up, I made an early lunch. He breakfasted on Pop Tarts — the breakfast of champions…I know, I know…it is our weekend breakfast food. After lunch, I had a few work tasks to do, so he watched his new Lego movie: LEGO: The Adventures of Clutch Powers. Once the movie was over, I promised him that I would take him to the zoo or the petting farm and to Toys R Us.

The movie kept him engaged. I was engrossed in what I was doing, so much so that I did not look at the clock until nearly 3 p.m. I realized to my horror that the zoo closed at 5 p.m. and was 50 minutes away and the petting closed at 4 p.m. What to do?

I came clean with my son. He was sad for a minute then perked up at the thought of spending a gift card from his aunt. Yay for consumerism at an early age!

Toys R Us was deserted. He and I strolled the aisles the way I used to when he was about 2 and younger. I would Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and birthday shop for his sisters and him. He would be happy playing with a toy or looking at a book with buttons while I perused the stock and loaded the cart.

He chose a G.I. Joe ninja guy and a Batman for himself. He chose his best buddy a Giants Nerf Vortex Football and a Nerf Bandolier Dart Kit. Super cool choices. We are a Nerf family!

He was happy, but I am determined not to let anything get in the way of taking my child somewhere.

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