Braces and Candy

The tween is a candy-a-holic. If it is chocolate … gooey … chewy … gummy … and sweet. She is all over it. The gummier and gooier the better. Until last month…

…last month she got braces on her top teeth. We knew she would get them eventually. The teen has been in braces for over two years. We prepared our tween. We talked to her about not eating chewy or hard candy. We stressed that if she ate chewy or hard candy the brackets on her teeth might break off.

PhotobucketEven after all our discussions and chats, I wasn’t sure how she would handle her new found responsibilities. Having braces is a serious business. Kids who are iffy about brushing their teeth before braces might develop cavities if they don’t thoroughly brush their teeth. Her orthodontist wanted her to use an electric toothbrush and floss between her teeth with a flosser and proxy brush.

You can imagine how surprised I was to find that she has completely given up candy. Yes, that’s right our tween candy-a-holic has sworn off candy. She allowed herself a few pieces of chocolate over Easter and her brother’s birthday, but all in all she has not eaten her usual jaw-breaking variety of candy. So yay for the tween! And yay for no visits to the orthodontist to repair missing or broken brackets!

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