Let’s Get Physical, Physical!!

I go in spurts with exercise. Last spring I was a dynamo…well, perhaps not a dynamo, but I was exercising twice or three times a week. I felt good. I never overdid the exercise. I was more in shape than I have ever been. Then, summer hit…

Summer is all about dragging three kids to swim practice, the library, volleyball camp, play dates, and swim meets. Somewhere in there exercise lost out to everything else in our schedule. In years past when my son was a little guy, he and I would swim in the deep end. I would tread water while he jumped in over and over again. But, he is now a huge 6-year-old. He qualified for Divisionals in his age group. He doesn’t need me to hang in the pool with him.

Now, don’t feel sorry for me. I had quite possibly my best summer as a mom. I was finally out of the baby pool. And get this I was able to…wait for it, wait for it…read a book. A book? You know that paper thingie! Have not taken the Kindle plunge. Still a paper type of person.

For years I have carried books to the pool in my pool bag. Between wrangling kids in the baby pool, changing diapers, and keeping track of three little ones, books were never a good idea. Now that I trek to the pool with a kid, a preteen, and a teen, my days of reading books are finally here. Woohoo!

In fact, when we walked in to the pool, the kids would scatter to the four corners of the pool and I would park myself under the awning and read. I got through quite a number of books that had been stacking up on my bedside table. But…exercise did not happen. wii Fit Plus

By fall, we were back to our schedule of racing here and there. I checked back in to the health club…reacquainted myself with the exercise machines and the staff. Gulp! But, at least I exercised until the crush of end-of-year holiday activities, work, Christmas shopping, etc. The health club and exercising? Always get cut when my schedule gets hectic.

So, you can imagine how intrigued I was when I heard about Wii Fit Plus (wii fit Plus with balance board is $99.99; Wii Fit Plus game only is $19.96). I have this notion that if I exercise at home I will be more motivated?? 

I have used wii Fit with the family although I have never used wii Fit Plus. As an added bonus, my friend — Jean — was hosting a wii Fit Plus party. In truth, I kind of invited myself…think Peppermint Patty…Jean is a very gracious host!

wii Fit Plus Event PresenterThe party was all sorts of awesome with pre-exercise shots (I missed the chance to have one as I was chit chatting), post-exercise healthy lunch, and farewell dessert, as well as a wine for the road. I drank only part of it, then waited before driving home. Driving in Bethesda can be a little tricky even on a weekend.

The Fraser Gallery is located in the heart of Bethesda — lots of windows. I got used to the people who stopped to watch us as we worked out to wii Fit Plus. To us it seemed natural to do a yoga pose or jump on an obstacle course in the middle of an art gallery, but I can see how this would look odd to a passing bystander.

I was shocked to leave with a wii Fit Plus AND the wii balance board, as well as a wii Fit jacket. Both are being put to good use! Thank you BrandAboutTown and Nintendo!

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