Kids Do the Darnedest Things Don’t They?

I remember the day do well. It was actually early in the day. First thing in the morning. I was hanging out in my parent’s bed. I was about 10. I don’t recall why I was hanging out in their bedroom. There was no TV. I was probably reading a book. My sister came in to the bedroom. One thing led to another and there was a smashed ceiling lightbulb. I’m thinking we had a pillow fight. Yeah, that’s right…I’m finally admitting it.

My mind is a blank as to what we told my parents. I’m sure the words “pillow” and “fight” were never mentioned. Perhaps I said that the book flew out of my hands unexpectedly? Or maybe I pulled the cord too vigorously? I don’t know, but I do know that I got away with it. I cleaned up all the broken glass, vacuumed….leaving no trace.

Have your kids ever done something that they attempted to hide from you? Did it work? My favorite TV family over on ABC is the Hecks on The Middle. In a recent episode, Brick and Sue share a room. One thing leads to another and there is a hole in the wall. Yikes. The Hecks are creative and manage to cover the hole with a poster. Does mom find out? Can Sue keep the secret of the Hole in the Wall incident? You’ll have to catch the Complete Second Season of The Middle on DVD to find out what happened?!

I have been hired by Warner Bros.’ WBWord division to promote the Middle Season Two on DVD. The views expressed in this post are my own.

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