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A new born is full of potential. You’ve heard people say this, I’m sure. A baby is open to any and all possibilities. Hearing a new book read by a parent. Tasting a new food. Who doesn’t love seeing the face of a toddler trying a lemon for the first time?! Smelling a scent of fall leaves. Toddlers can laugh out loud upon seeing a monkey at the zoo. Preschoolers love counting steps or jars or blocks. Grade schoolers will tell you that they want to be a ballerina one day and an astronaut the next. Endless possibilities.

As parents we want our children to reach their full potential. Will our little ones become doctors or lawyers or teachers or designers or computer scientists or bakers or paleontologists? The sky is the limit.

As parents, we want to nurture the potential in our children. My oldest was an out-of-the-box thinker from birth…probably. She looked at each problem from a different angle than I did. There were days when she had endless questions for me. Other days she would quietly play and create and innovate.

Over the years I have read many, many stories featuring these guys!

As a way to give my daughter opportunities, I read to her. More than just a book at bedtime, I read stacks of books at naptime, bedtime, and throughout the day. We read books on ants, trees, space, Disney princesses, bikes, being a big sister, sharing with friends. In fact, no matter what book we picked up from the library she and I devoured it. She would read to herself while sitting in bed. Waiting for dinner to be ready. She “read” books to the new baby. At playgroups, I would often find her reading books on the shelves in her little friends’ playrooms.

September is all about possibilities and potential. Kumon has partnered with Scholastic Books to encourage the development of the all-important reading and math skills. When your child completes MATH and READING activities, he can earn up to TWO FREE BOOKS from Scholastic. I don’t know about you, but I NEVER turn down a free book. Especially a book for my children!

Here’s how you and your child can participate in the Kumon Learn and Earn Program:

  • Download the READING and/or MATH activity sheets for your child’s age group.
  • Have your child completes worksheet for her age group.
  • Your child can earn two books if she completes the math activity sheet and the reading activity sheet. Or your child can earn one book if she completes the math OR the reading activity sheets.
  • Download the reward redemption form. Print and complete all fields. Mail the form to Scholastic for the free books.

It’s that simple. And you know what I am going to do right now? Go to Kumon’s Learn and Earn site and print out the activity sheets for reading and math for my kids.

And a handy list of reading resources to help you get in the swing of back to school can be found here.

Don’t forget that October is Reading and National Book Month!

I was compensated by Kumon for this post. The views expressed in the post are my own. I follow the tenets of Blog With Integrity.

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