Caught in a White Lie @theMiddle_ABC

It can happen very quickly. One minute you tell your friend over the phone that you can’t meet for coffee as the kids are whiny. And the next moment you run in to your friend at the coffee place…with your kids…who are whiny. You quickly have to manufacture why you couldn’t meet your friend for coffee when you are in fact at the coffee place.

Sometimes you get caught in the white lie. It is inevitable. Try as you might you find yourself caught in a tangled web of excuses and well…lies. White lies, but lies nonetheless.

What do you do when caught in a white lie? Tell another white lie? Spill to your friend the real reason why you couldn’t meet her for coffee? Perhaps, you knew that your children wouldn’t sit still for an hour while you chatted. Dropping by the coffee place to grab a cup of joe to go was a more doable option for you.

The Hecks…my current favorite TV family…on The Middle are drowning in white lies it seems. Poor little Brick discovered that his mom and dad told a white lie to protect him from reality. Have you ever done this? I know I have told a couple of whoppers about the nonappearance of the Tooth Fairy and why I am CERTAIN that she will drop by the next night after forgetting to get the tooth the first time.

If The Middle sound like your type of family, you should know that the Complete Second Season of The Middle is on DVD….BluRay, too.

I have been hired by Warner Bros.’ WBWord Division to promote The Middle Season 2 on DVD. The opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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