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I love a show with a voice over. A witty tongue in cheek voiceover. You know kind of like the voice of the dead housewife on Desperate Housewives. Mary Alice was only on the show for 1 episode, but she lives on season after season. She’s the voice of reason. She tells it like it is. She watches over the cul-de-sac’s happenings. She knows a thing or two about the inhabitants of Wisteria Lane.

Or do you remember Claire Danes’ voice over on My So-Called Life? Danes and My So-Called Life tackled numerous hot button teen issues — teen homosexuality, premarital sex, drugs — that were barely mentioned in the 90s when the show had its brief run. Come to think of it other shows about kids have used the voiceover technique. Remember The Wonder Years? Didn’t Malcolm in the Middle use one, too?

The teen who is not in control of his life narrates his view of the world for anyone to listen to. Tessa was recently uprooted from the familiarity of her NYC apartment to the SUBURBS! Can you imagine how it would feel to live in the plastic world of Tessa’s new suburban neighborhood…Suburgatory? Tessa shares her first impressions in this new series on ABC premiering tonight at 8:30 p.m. EST. Click below for a sneak peek.

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So do you live in Suburgatory? If you can answer “Yes” to any of these questions, you just might…

  • Your dog’s haircut is more expensive than yours.
  • The drinking fountains offer sparkling or still.
  • The school cafeteria serves tuna tartar.
  • The majority of medical procedures are elective.
  • “Brunette” is a dirty word.
  • The top three industries in your community are tanning, spandex and peroxide.

Suburgatory just might be my favorite show…it is a comedy without a laugh track. Are you like me? Do you loathe a laugh track? I don’t care that a show was filmed before a life studio audience….just stop with the canned laughter.

Get the scoop on Suburgatory…

  • Official website
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  • Follow @SuburgatoryABC on Twitter #Suburgatory
  • The cast: Tessa Altman is played by Jane Levy, Jeremy Sisto plays Tessa’s dad, George Altman, Cheryl Hines is Dallas Royce, the pushy, plastic-y neighbor. I don’t know what Sisto has starred in recently, but as a teen he was in Grand Canyon with Danny Glover, Kevin Kline, Mary McDonnell, and Alfre Woodward.

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