Javier Bardem, Gene Simmons, Sammy Hagar: Does a Singer or an Actor Need to Be Attactive?

Musings from Me on Music and Movies:

On Kristie’s blog she posed the question David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar — Who is the best lead singer for Van Halen? My answer was “Uh, is the answer ‘none of the above’ available. I’m not a fan of seeing either of these two guys…too much big hair, too tight leather pants. Now I don’t mind listening to them. Not at all. In fact I would venture to say that I could listen to the DLR Van Halen or the SH Van Halen. I just don’t want to see either guy.” I fixed my typos, but other than that my answer stands.

I think I may have a bias when it comes to the lead singer. I prefer a good looking lead singer of a band to a more physically unattractive lead singer. Take Gene Simmons — with or without makeup — he is hard to look at. Ditto for David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar and Willie Nelson. Now, let’s look at Faith Hill or Harry Connick, Jr. Both are easy on the eyes. I would imagine that if I watched either of these two it would not matter what song each was singing as long as the camera was permanently fixed on the face of each.

I know that as I type this I’m running the risk of sounding shallow — a person who cares for looks only. In most areas of my life I see regular, ordinary people as I go from grocery store to school to doctor’s office and back home again. I don’t live in a world of botox or liposuction. I am a regular looking person myself. I have a wattle developing where my neck used to be. I have wrinkles on my hands that were not there a couple of years ago.

So, why do a person’s physical features matter to me? For me, music and movies are a form of escapism. I want to forget about my life for a moment or two. Not worry about the mundanities of life. Forget for a while. I think a pretty face helps.

But, when it comes to musical performers or actors, I want to see someone attractive. I have never understood the attraction of Javier Bardem or Mickey Rourke or Al Pacino. For the record I don’t find any of these guys sexually appealing…hang on a moment while I gag. There that’s better. But, many people do. I recall watching Al Pacino in a film where his love interest was Ellen BarkinSea of Love (?) I so did not get that pairing.

So, what do you think? For you can you listen to a singer who is not attractive? Does it make any difference to you? Why? Why not?

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