It’s Quiet Over Here

We don't need anymore of these in our playroom. KThxBai.

We don't need anymore of these in our playroom. KThxBai.

I’m listening to the sound of a busy day officially at an end. It sounds like silence. I can’t hear the sleeping kids. I can’t hear the snoring husband. I can’t even hear the washing machine. Note to me: I should get on that right away since I can’t hear the washing machine since the washing machine isn’t actually running.

The day was a good one. A slow start for me morphed in to a mad dash, no holds barred clean up fest. Why oh why after 13 birthday parties for one, 6 for the other, and now an 11th for the middle child, do I still leave huge projects for the monring of the birthday. Help. 

The huge project seemed manageable: Finish the playroom cleanup. I thought I would move the High School Musical house, arrange the Rescue Heroes, and set up the Star Wars stuff. Well, I forgot about a teeny tiny, yet huge mount of stuff with no home. You know the stuff: a Barbie boot, a car with 3 wheels, a plastic orange, 3 or 4 stuffed animals, Happy Meal toys that are treasured for about an hour after the Happy Meal is opened and then neglected.

The big stuff was moved and re-assembled. The kid got cracking with the dustbuster. The teen became as one with the vacuum. The preteen was my go-top person for stuffing stuff in the overstuffed storage room. I seriously had to climb over a mound to find the paper napkins. Of course I needed napkins on this day of all days.

We were done by 1 p.m. Ready to grill. Ready to party. A family party with the Zhu Zhu Pets as a theme was followed by a friend party with the Wizards of Waverly Place theme. Not that I was paid for any of this product placement, but the free stuff was nice to have. A post or two will follow on the birthday festivities. A good time was had by all.

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