DinoRepeller: How To Decrease Your Visitors

dscn0070Is your tourist attraction always crowded? Do you have to turn people away at the door? Can you never seem to find staff willing to work with the crowds? Do you get irritated asking your tourists to step aside as you vacuum or mop the floors during visiting hours?

You might be interested in the ultimate in tourist repellent. This green guy is sure to have little kids scampering off. Grown men might just shriek like girls. Moms and dads will run for cover as their little ones scream in terror at the site of DinoRepeller!

DinoRepeller is an  inflatable suit, which when worn will be sure to scare the living daylights out of tourists big and small. The one size fits all suit is a sure win — just slip it on and pump it up and watch as people run for cover.

Once suited up, the DinoRepeller is ready to pounce on small children, furry animals, and unsuspecting senior citizens!

Ready, Set, Pounce. Rooaaaarrrr! 

This post was inspired by the Blog_Friendly_PR as part of Pitch Idol 2009. I did not receive the DinoRepeller as a gift nor am I being compensated for this review nor is this review real. I also did not see the DinoRepeller…er green dinosaur outside the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum in London “biting” the head of my 10-year-old while her 6-year-old brother screamed with delight!


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