Ode to the Afterschool Schedule

Schedules, hectic, racing out the door
No time for dinner
Grab a Pop Tart and let’s gooooo
CLEATS! Where are your cleats? What do you mean you can only find one?
No goggles — can you swim without? It’s just a little chlorine!
Are we ready to go? Yes! Wait where’s Julia? She’s still in the house? But, we need to go now…
Dinner = whatever I can find in the pantry on a busy night.

And so it goes every night of the week in the Musings from Me on Kids, Preteens, and Teens household! Our schedule consists of┬ámultiple nights of swimming, soccer and volleyball practices, and religious classes. I might add in clarinet lessons, birthday parties, unexpected shopping trips for items that are needed the next day at school. We live,┬ábreath, and eat this schedule. The afternoon/evening schedule is our life until summer when we pick up the summer schedule…

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