I Think I May Know Why I Can’t Lose Weight Even While Exercising

I Think I May Know Why I Can’t Lose Weight Even While Exercising… It starts with F and ends with D –that would be Fast fooD.

I knew that we had partaken of more than our usual fast food fare this month. We’ve been busy… Two children have twice a week swim team practice. Two finished the fall season of recreational volleyball and then tried out for travel volleyball. Husband started playing on a recreation league volleyball team. Son’s finished his first soccer season. I’ve been madly volunteering at the kids’ schools. Oh, and I almost forgot that we were without an oven for almost 3 weeks.

So, I wanted to find out how much fast food we have consumed. I looked through my wallet and my husband’s for receipts. I have to say I’m a little horrified. Did we really go to this many drivethroughs? The saddest thing is that many of the stop are on the way back from exercising…doesn’t this defeat the purpose of exercising?

Here’s the gory details:

10/7 McDonald’s
10/8 Burger King
10/11 Chick-Fil-a
10/15 Unknown restaurant
10/20 Domino’s Pizza
10/23 KFC/Taco Bell
11/7 Pizza Hut
11/8 McDonald’s
11/15 Pizza Hut
11/16 Ricky’s Rice Bowl
11/18 Pizza Hut
11/20 McDonald’s
11/20 Starbucks
11/20 Burger King

Yikes, it is horrifying to see the list in print. Sadly, I think that I am missing a couple of Starbucks receipts. We need to do something about this unhealthy eating, not to mention wanton spending. Seriously, I have a working oven now…no excuses. I need to cut the cord on needless stops for food and drinks. My kids are Pavlovian as soon as they see the arches or the hut.

I keep all receipts and promise to post receipts each week through Christmas. Let’s see if the Mom on the Run family can eat less fast food. Keep checking on me. It will keep me honest.

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