NaBloPoMo Oooops I Messed Up! or SuperVolunteer Is Ready

Well, I tonight I had a post ready and raring to go. Nope, did not happen. Well, I am going to promise to get back on track.

Some housekeeping issues:

Mom on the Run Family’s Fast Food Ban — Broke the ban on Friday…lasted all of 12 hours before I took a Subway sub to my daughter at school. Now I have to explain that I took her brother a McDonald’s Happy Meal for lunch on Thursday. So, I broke the FastfooD ban, but I have to be fair with my children…no getting around the fact that my middle daughter keeps score. If I bring lunch for one I have to bring lunch for all three. I let my oldest buy the Thanksgiving lunch. This week was American Education Week at both schools. Parents are allowed to come in any time of the school day and observe the classes–for one week only. I told all three kids that I would bring them lunch. I was committed…period. Now to get back on track…

Busy, Busy, Busy Week — This is my year of Mom on the Run SuperVolunteer. In years past I have been a very inconsistent volunteer. I would plan on volunteering in my children’s classroom, but have a child home sick, or a delivery scheduled, or a backed up toilet. You get the picture. Basically I had good intentions, but my priority was my home and family. So, this year as SuperVolunteer I volunteer one day a week to hear the kindergartners read books. I volunteer in the art room for my son’s kindergarten class. I sent in a salty treat for the Halloween party. Oh, and this week I helped K, 1st, and 2nd select books at the School Book fair. Basically this week, at least 4 staff members asked me if I was working at the school. Sad in one way, but as the parent of school-aged children not currently employed, this is my time to give back to my school. As long as I feel useful to the teachers, I’ll continue to go in to school. My reasons for not working right now will have to go in another post…this SAHM is starting to feel conspicuous about not working.

Household Task Avoidance — So while I have been SuperVolunteer outside the home, my home has been neglected. Just took down outside Halloween decoration. Have carpet cleaner sitting in middle of living room waiting to be moved. Downstairs bathroom is in serious need of help. Let’s not even talk about the kitchen floor. So, next week I need to be SuperHomemaker, nope doesn’t have the same ring to it as SuperVolunteer.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled Saturday…

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