I Think I Can, I Think I Can, I Think…

…I can make it to the end-of-the-school year relatively unscathed. Today is the second to last day of school for all three children. Tomorrow is the last day. I can see the prize. I can practically bite that carrot hanging from the stick.

Update: I never published this post. If you are reading this post, I made it to the end of the school year! Slightly bruised. Tired as anything. But we all made it to the end!

What else have I been up to…besides scraping my way to the end-of-the-school year?

  • I was featured on Scholastics’ Thanks Mom site, where I wrote about teaching kids about saving.
  • I’m gearing up for a couple of fun events next week.
  • On Tuesday, I’ll be tweeting from the Orioles with my kids! You can follow the Musings from Me adventures at the ballpark with hashtag #camdenyards20.
  • On Wednesday, I’ll be talking about Safeway. Follow along with hashtag: #Safewayj4U.
  • And later in the week, we’re all heading to the Brave screening!
  • Oh, and before I forget, I wrote about family organizers.

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