I Need Coffee STAT!

Yesterday I was complaining about papers.¬†Today I’m tackling mornings. Aren’t you glad you joined me this a.m. for my rant on everything morning related?

Mornings…I get through them with a little help from my friends coffee and light bulbs. Light bulbs? Yes, light bulbs. Without light bulbs I would stumble around even more than I already do. You see I am not a morning person. I would be a morning person if mornings began at the respectable hour of 11. Yep, I would be the bright eyed and bushy tailed one at that time.

My morning begins with a prod in the back from my husband. He is the 0fficial waker upper in our family. The rooster if you will. Once he wakes up the preteen and the teen, he goes back to bed. Meanwhile I stumble with eyes shut tight to the bathroom. Once I have successfully not jammed my little toe on the corner of the wall in the bathroom, I stagger downstairs to make lunches, make breakfast, and sign any last minute forms.

Forms! Paper! Sign in triplicate! There I go again on a rant about paper. My dining room table and kitchen table and really every other available surface won’t be clear until June.

Back to coffee and light bulbs. I don’t turn the¬†lights off until the kid gets on the bus. By 8:30 it is light out. My eyes are fully opened and I am coherent due to Mr._Coffee.

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