I Am So Mad!!

Can I share with you? I don’t plan on blogging details. I never blog about specifics about my family. I blog in the vaguest way possible. I want to protect my family and my children.

But I want to share why I am so mad. I’m mostly overwhelmed with lack of time. I have gone and gone nonstop since September. School and school and school is driving me batty. And do you want to know what is funny…I am not overwhelmed with PTA or volunteering as in years past. No, not me. I love volunteering but this year I have not had time to get in to school more than once or twice.

So it is not the volunteering that has me literally scrabbling for time. My main issue is finding time to get work done. Theoretically. And by theoretically I mean that I am supposed to have the school hours to get work done. If I could work between school bus pickup and school bus dropoff I would be golden and a happy camper and ecstatic and…well it never happens. I am lucky if I get two or three days a week where I get an uninterrupted span of time. The rest of the week I scramble and scrabble for time. I get everything done, but I find myself late at night. Starting to get a project done AFTER a day of running around from Point A to Point B with a pitstop in Point C is not conducive. I have more than once abandoned work after realizing that I am just too tired to work any longer. My husband has stepped in to take over one of the weeknights. I. Am. Relieved.

Family! That’s all I will write. If you know what I am talking about…let’s give each other a virtual high five!

My carpet. Yes I am mad at my carpet. Gosh darnit! We’re almost 17 years in to owning this home. And the carpet. What can I say except that it needs to go. I will give it one more steam cleaning and maybe I can get this carpet to last a year more. I won’t miss this carpet one bit. What started as “Oh, let’s choose a neutral color that goes with everything” has turned in to “Wow! Can this carpet look anymore stained?” The day is coming when we will need to replace the carpet with hardwood flooring. I won’t do carpet again.

So, I am mad. But, I’ll get over it.

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