The Dust Is Beginning to Clear…Somewhat

My blog philosophy is “if it has anything to do with the kids I don’t blog about it.” What??? Yeah, it’s as bad as that when you have a teen and a tween. Most topics are off limits. Hard for a blogger to write a blog when many topics are verboten. My blog motto should be “I blog in a tentative and careful fashion because my daughters read my blog…eeek!”

So let’s see what I CAN’T blog about:

  • the kids’ names
  • their schools
  • their friends’ names
  • the exact names of teams and activities
  • the classes they are in and the names of their teachers
  • not much left is there?

So what CAN I blog about? Is there anything left??

  • I can blog about events that happened in the past…way in the past…
  • I can blog about trips or excursions we take as a family
  • I can blog about my kids’ reactions to any product I get to review
  • not much left is there?

What I can tell you is that after a hectic, stressful, and “interesting” few months, we are finally coming out the other side. Phew. Phew is all I can say. All is well. We are all well. We made it.

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