Egg-straordinary Science Encounters with #ProjectReady

My Tween worked hard on her Science Fair project. It was all her idea. Her dad gave her the framework to hone her topic, but the ideas and execution were all hers. I helped her pay for the supplies. I also gave her some uninterrupted time away from older and younger siblings to get her Science Fair Project done. You know how noisy siblings can be?

Here’s a recap of what she did with her project:

Her Science Fair experiment was conducted as follows:

  • She cracked 8 eggs. Washed the shells. Let the shells dry.
  • She labeled a plastic container with a lid with the name of each liquid ingredient: none, water, milk, orange juice, fruit punch, cream soda, diet soda, and coffee.
  • She weighed each egg shell. Recorded the weight in a notebook.
  • She placed 1 egg shell in each container of liquid. She sealed the lids.
  • She left the containers for 1 week before returning to view the results.
  • She created a written Science Fair report and constructed the Elmer’s Tri-Fold Display Board to display her findings.

For information on where to find a Broadcom Masters Science Fair near you, go here.

I was compensated for my participation (and my tween’s) in this project by Elmer’s through Collective Bias. The views expressed in this post are those of my tween and myself.

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