Hmmm…What Would I Do?

Ever been asked what would you do if you won the lottery. I’m sure your answers were outlandish and crazy, and very much over-the-top. Buy a boat. A house! Travel all around the world!

When faced with the lottery win, the sky is the limit. But, what of the… smaller amounts of money earned? You know the $20 and $50s. Not chump change by any means. So, what would you do? I was recently asked by GigCoin to describe what I would do…and more succinctly, what would I be willing to do for $100, $50, $20, or $10.

This assignments got me thinking… Less than two years ago, I had not earned so much as a dime from blogging. My first earnings from Google Adsense was probably a dime. I can tell you that dime was well earned. That dime came from running google ads on my blog. It wasn’t from the sweat and toil of a manual job, but it was just as rewarding.

I knew then that blogging would not be a get-rich-quick venture, but I was hanging on for the ride. So, if I am excited about earning a dime, just how excited would I be to earn $100.

$100! What wouldn’t I do for $100? But the question is what would I do. Here’s what I would for $100:

  • run an ad on my blog for a month or two depending  on  the size of the ad.
  • write a sponsored post.
  • hand out business cards at an event
  • attend an event.

The above list comprises blogging/social media tasks, but what about IRL stuff? I would complete a series of lengthy surveys. Time-consuming ones. I would keep a Nielsen TV or DVR or DVD log. I would probably stuff envelopes or do some other administrative task for $100.

What would you do for $100?

I was compensated by GigCoin for this post. For a complete list of writing and social media assignment, sign up at GigCoin.

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