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blog-frogOne of the first sites I happened upon in my quest for more readers to my blog was The_Blog_Frog. Think: froggie sitting on a lily pad waiting with outstretched tongue for flies. That was my blog. My old pad: www.writingmylifeoneblogatatime.blogspot.com. A blog with not so many followers if you get my drift.

Yes, that url also gets the prize for blog with the longest name. It doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue now does it. I hope you will come to my newly designed pad: www.musingsfromme.com.

You can find me on www.theblogfrog.com. I have connected with old friends and made new friends. Many of the blogs I discovered early on…I still read. The Blog Frog is a great place to connect. And really isn’t social networking all about making connections and keeping those connections.I wrote this post a while ago and the sentiments still hold true: Blog_for_Food.

Theblogfrog.com, in all its lemony fresh goodness, is now LIVE!  Check out the updated look, the extra social features for your blog, and the new ways to manage your blog friends and communities. 

Don’t be a slow poke…hop on over to wwwTheBlogFrog.com!

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