Will Blog for Food! or Is Blogging a Job?

Just call me SAHM turned Blogger. I’m not a well-known blogger like JessicaKnows or FireMom. Someday– could I be in the same sentence as these two? Who knows. But, for now…

I am a SAHM to three kids. I am a blogger — MusingsfromMe I twitter as @musingsfromme I Facebook. I LinkedIn. I social network.

I was a WAHM — worked for years as a production editor for publications for health care publisher. Got burnt out looking after my kids all day then working all night on projects. In 13 years I used no day care and did not have a paid babysitter for my children.

After struggling to cope with my crazy work and family schedule, I was physically and emotionally spent. My husband — a high school English teacher and newly minted PhD graduate — was agreeable to my decision to quit my job and become a SAHM. The sacrifice of my income was tough to get used to, but the benefit to my family more than outweighed this loss. I was able to put my house in order. Many family and household tasks were neglected while I worked erratic hours as a freelancer. As a SAHM I was able to reconnect with my daughters (who are now 10 and 13). We also had our third child during this time (my son is 5).

Now that my son is in kindergarten and my daughters in 5th and 7th grades, I am starting the process of going back to work. A traditional 9-to-5 job would not work with my children’s school schedules and afterschool activities. Believe me I have tried to make it work.

Is the answer for me:

  • social networking on twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn
  • blogging
  • writing for websites
  • becoming an affiliate

I’m not sure of the answer just yet. Am I rich? No. Am I making money? A teeny tiny amount at this point. Am I hungry for more opportunities? You bet.

Stay tuned for more of what I can give you as a reader of this blog…

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