HexBugs: Partying for All Ages

After #BlogHer and #TypeAMom, I came to the realization that I need to be a niche blogger. I need to find a niche. My elevator pitch sounds vague because it is “I blog about raising a teen, a tween, and a kid because I have one of each.” Uh, this pitch is so wishy washy. My desire for a new pitch led to my eureka moment. I need to be a niche blogger. Blogging about kids by age will only cut it for product reviews. For everything else I need a focus…a hyperfocus if you will.

One of my “things to blog about” is finding toys, games, and movies for kids of all ages. I blog about trying to find family friendly activities for a family with a 7-, 12-, and 14-year-old. It’s a tall order.

HexBugs fit the bill. The popular¬†HexBug Nano is a “teeny tiny, micro robotic bug that can flip to its feet when turned on its back and find its way through any maze.” These life-like bugs come packaged in a scientific test tube which fits easily into jean pockets or backpacks, great for travel or play dates.

MomSelect HexBugThe HexBug Nano would be a perfect birthday party gift. A great stocking stuffer, too. Kids can play with the HexBug on the floor or with the assorted ramps, bridges, and cells. Once children are done with in-real-life play, they can log on to https://www.hexbug.com/nano to play with the HexBug Nanos virtually. Each HexBug Nano includes a unique code for online play.

All three of my children AND their friends had fun with the HexBug Nanos toys. My tween had the first experience with the little critters. She set up her version of the track with ramps, bridges, and sparring cells. Her HexBug Nano was much admired by her friends on an evening playdate. Her friends promptly rearranged the track so that they could play with their nanos.

Later in the week my teen and her friend had a turn with the HexBug Nano Habitat. What did they do with it? You guessed right if you said rearrange the track. The possibilities for play are endless. You can set up the track on one level, two, or even three stories high. Depending on how much track/playsets you have, you can set up two separate habitats with or without a connecting ramp or bridge.

I LOVE a toy that appeals to all ages. Oh I almost forgot about my youngest! He and his friend had the HexBug Nanos “terrorize” his sister. He let his HexBug Nano loose in her room. Yes, there was screaming. No, she wasn’t scared. Yes, she was annoyed that her brother and his friend were teasing her. What can I say except…Paybacks are tough.

Want to find out more about HexBug Nano?

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Nanos and habitats and playsets, go to www.hexbug.com.

I have a store on amazon. The HexBug Nanos range includes Curved Habitat Track, Habitat Playset, and the Bridge Battle Playset.

My children and I were given a HexBug Nano party pack. We held several parties over the course of a month. The opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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