Date Night…Any Which Way You Can

After 20 years of marriage and three children, date nights are sadly few and far between.

We have babysitting issues as the grandparents are getting older. I don’t always feel comfortable leaving the younger two with the oldest. My husband is often too tired on the weekends to go out. I don’t want to get dressed up to go out most weekends. All three kids have active social lives. It’s easier to stay at home…more convenient with busy schedules.

Friday night…the grandparents volunteered to babysit. We left the house in a flash. Kids and grandparents watched Iron Man 2 and ate Chinese food. We drove to a nearby town for pancakes. It’s called “Date Night…Any Which Way You Can.”

Our date was not glamorous…could the IHOP in Frederick, MD, be any less date night-like?? But, we sat and talked for an hour without phone interruptions, kid interruptions, or any interruptions. It was a welcome break from the humdrum of daily life.

Where did you go for your last date night?

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