Help Me Raise Money To Feed the Hungry #JohnsonvilleSponsors

A local church near me — Calvary United Methodist Church — hosts a free meal every Thursday evening. God’s Kitchen provides a free meal for anyone…the homeless, the hungry, those who have financial issues, those who are elderly or have health issues, or even those who simply do not want to cook. I was excited to find God’s Kitchen as I was looking for a service project for my daughter. She needed to earn service hours required for school. As an added bonus the church was close to my home. My daughter volunteered quite a few times her freshman year. In fact, when she volunteered we tagged a long. My daughter set the tables, served food, and helped clean up. My son and I joined her for dinner. My husband stopped by on his way home from work. When the meal was over, my entire family helped clean up. It was an awesome experience for all of us.

Global Influence Pear Johnsonville God's Kitchen SpoonSo when I was approached by Johnsonville about raising money for a charitable organization in a new way, I didn’t have to think twice about which charity I would choose. God’s Kitchen was the obvious choice. I created a Pear to raise money for God’s Kitchen. I used to create my fundraiser for God’s Kitchen. So what exactly is a Pear? Well, I could explain, but this video does a more thorough job of explaining how you can create a Pear to raise money for a charity, a school, a sports team, your church, an event, or any organization with which you are affiliated.

By creating a Pear for an event, group, charity, or organization using the Johnsonville apparel and charity sponsorship program at, you choose from an apparel donation of up to $1000 or a charitable donation of up to $1000. I chose to raise money for God’s Kitchen with a Pear charitable donation from a sponsor.

You can help me raise money for this worthy cause by using social network actions to help my “team” raise funds. You can like Johnsonville on Facebook, answer a Quick Q&A, visit a sponsor’s website, or share photos on Facebook. Every social media action you do will earn points for my team — God’s Kitchen. And don’t forget that you can also create your own Pear for your own event or group.  Please use this link when creating a Pear for your event or group. You can share the Pear you create in the comments on this blog post. I’ll be sure to support you as will other readers.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Johnsonville and Pearup through the Global Influence Network. I received compensation to write this post, and any opinions expressed are my own, and reflect my actual experience.

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