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Weave Made Me Time People Taking Time for Yourself

Hands up if you have ever walked back to the exam room at the doctor with a People? Anyone? Ahhh. I see a few hands raised. Good, I’m not alone. But have you ever sat in the doctor’s waiting room AFTER your appointment to finish reading People? I have. Anyone else? Guilty as charged!

Those stolen minutes devouring People at the doctor’s office might be the only “Me Time” I get the entire day. I’m either working at home. Driving my kids to sports practices and games. Picking up and dropping off kids in my school carpool. Making dinner. Doing housework. Tackling “Mount Laundry.” Making calls to doctors. And so on and so on.

I’m on the go. All. The. Time. Reading a magazine like People or InStyle  is my way of making myself slow down…catching the latest news on celebs and people in the news…savoring the moment of relaxing…taking a load off. It’s bliss. It’s Me Time.

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I lead a busy and hectic and chaotic life. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE every minute of it. My life is rich. But Me Time is scarce. I GRAB some whenever I can. I purchased a People and a People StyleWatch this weekend at Safeway. I read a little as I sat in the parking lot outside Safeway. I read some at the soccer game…not while my kid was playing of course! I’ll read a little more in the carpool lane tomorrow.  Like you, I need time to myself to rewind, recharge, and rediscover what inspires me. It’s called Me Time and it’s within my grasp every time I take a moment and read a book…pick up a People…drink a hot cup of coffee…

Weave Made Time People StyleWatch Shopping Cart
I grocery shopped for lunches and dinners for the week. I had a menu plan of sorts in mind. The shop took longer than usual as I stopped to chat to a couple of friends who were also shopping. The grocery store was quite crowded. But now that I have shopped for dinners for the week, I don’t have to ask myself the question each day at 5 p.m. “What’s for dinner?!” After spending a couple of hours shopping for groceries, I DESERVE to sit an read my People Magazine!

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