Having a Morning…

My dining room office floor is littered with hole punches. Is that what you call the little circular piece of paper left over from hole punching? My Christmas tree is still up and partially decorated. Ditto for every other Christmas decoration. The kids still have the odd Christmas present stashed here, there, and everywhere.

My daughter did not take her medication this morning. I need to drive to school to give it to her. Not thrilled about that. My son did not miss the bus. My cold seems to be less pronounced this a.m.

After reluctantly agreeing not to vaccinate the kids for H1N1, I am now having second thoughts. Is it too late? It takes 4-6 weeks for the vaccine to take effect. Will H1N1 be “over” by then? My son needs 2 does spaced apart. Does it make sense to subject him to 2 shots when by the time he has the final shot the H1N1 season may be over? Why didn’t I override my husband’s objections and get the kids vaccinated earlier? Our pediatrician is a 30-minute drive away. Plus I will have to pull kids out of school to take them to get shots. I would prefer not to have kids miss school.

It’s now time to get showered and ready to go. Be back later today for more whining and kveching.

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