Have You Tried MyLikes?

I click on many links throughout the day. Sometimes I click a link to join, but realize that I have already joined. Do you ever do that? I guess I am a little click happy.

MyLikes is proving to be a good one to join. Basically, here’s how it works…

Like Sponsored Tweets, I receive an e-mail every couple of days. The e-mail lists items, products, and services that I might like to like. I go through the list to find products that I have already used or reviewed or seen in a store or…well you get it. If I have not had some form of contact with a product or service, I’m not liking it. How credible would I be to you — my readers — if I liked tobacco or a nudist colony?

This blog is family friendly. I only choose items on “MyLikes” that I like and I know you will like.

Do you want to try out MyLikes? If you click and join, I know you will like it. It’s an easy way to make a little extra cash. It’s easy to use. You can pick and choose the MyLikes that you want to select and tweet to your readers. Oh and you can add to your Facebook wall as well. You can add to you blog, too.

Here’s a recent MyLike that I can stand behind. Do you see how I added something a little something about how my family liked it? When I review products on this blog, I always had a Musings from Me touch of authenticity.

Bling iPhone Cases – www.bizrate.com
If my tween had an iphone she would love the Bling iPhone cases. Part fashion statement. Part protection. #ad

sponsored like
Jill Berry’s profile on MyLikes

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