#BlogHer: Regrets I’ve Had a Few…

I contemplated buying a ticket then put it off. I heard about the BlogHer parties. I wanted to go to BlogHer but couldn’t make the decision to spend money I did not have on a ticket. Sponsorship seemed like a longshot.

When I heard the announcement about the parties, I was left with no choice but to buy a ticket. I rushed to buy a ticket, but everything was sold out except the Cocktail Parties pass. I used the Cocktail Parties pass to RSVP for the parties. Typical. My wishy washy-ness caused me to miss out on a full pass.

Wishy Washy…that’s me. I wait so long to make a decision sometimes that the decision is made for me. In this case, I decided to go to BlogHer when I was “forced” to buy the Cocktail Parties pass. I know that this sounds like twisted logic, but it is the way my mind works.

After I purchased the Cocktail Parties Pass I was relieved. The decision to attend BlogHer was a done deal. The decision had been made for me.

Buying a conference pass was one thing, but getting myself to BlogHer was an entirely different dilemma…

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