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Ever hear about a book and think “I Must Have It!” This happened to me when I read that @SelfishMom was laughing uproariously over a book…on the New York subway of all places. I was immediately intrigued. What book could make Amy laugh so hard?

I soon realized that the book in question was by a reality TV star. I am a reality TV junkie like no other. So, hearing that a Project Runway finalist had written a book was intriguing enough. But, hearing that is was written by none other than Laura Bennett was the icing on the cake. I had to have that book.

Laura was kind enough to hook me up with a copy of Didn’t I Feed You Yesterday? A Mother’s Guide to Sanity jn Stilettos. I corresponded with Laura about the book and an upcoming book signing. Laura was every bit as gracious as she was during Project Runway.

The book is hilarious. Laura spares no one in this book. Husband, only daughter, older boys, younger boys, herself, and even the baby are not spared from her words. She hones in on each family member’s foibles. The result is a tightly written book where every chapter captures the essence of Laura’s life. Funny moments as well as poignant ones.

Bennett gives a synopsis at the beginning of the book describing everyone in the family from her confirmed bachelor husband, Peter, to the woman who is referred to as the “Peterkeeper.” Zoila — the Bennett’s housekeeper — is a trusted and integral member of the household.

Bennett’s household is a machine. Is it well-oiled? Well, I’ll let you read the book to find out.

Like many New Yorkers, Bennett spends weekends outside of the city. Her description of leaving the city on the weekends is a stitch. She describes how New Yorkers exaggerate about how close their weekend home is to the city. One hour from New York might actually mean two hours.

Bennett tells the story of how her kids are ready to kill each other before they have even left the city. All moms and dads who roadtrip can relate to the kid who needs to use the bathroom as soon as you pull away from the rest stop after the kid in question assured everyone he didn’t need to go. Grrr.

I could almost smell and visualize the wreckage left in Laura’s SUV after a stop at a hamburger joint for an on-the-road lunch. My old van never recovered from the “we shall not speak of the milk spilled on the seat” incident.

Bennett’s book is a glimpse in to an ordinary family living an extraordinary life in New York City. Bennett is a mom first, and a fashion designer/reality TV star/author second.

I was given a copy of Didn’t I Feed You Yesterday. The opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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