#BlogHer Recap with Photos

So it seems a little funny to be writing an update post so long after everyone else, but… I finally uploaded photos to Facebook from BlogHer. A blog post is in order.

On the Thursday of BlogHer I was invited to a very intimate gathering with Chris Evert. Evert is the spokesperson for Hood Simply Smart Milk. Hood produces milk, sour cream, egg nog, juice, and other family favorites.

I RSVP’d based on Chris Evert. I’m not a tennis player, but I grew up watching Wimbledon. During my teen years I followed Evert, Connors, and Navratilova faithfully. For some pics, go here. My husband loved the Wilson tennis ball signed by Chris Evert!

Thursday was a whirlwind kind of a day. Before the Hood Simply Smart Milk I watched a fashion show featuring ordinary kids in back-to-school clothes. No pint sized models in this group…just ordinary kids. The fashion show was another BlogHer brand-blogger event. This time the sponsor was the American Association of Orthodontics.

Style ‘n Smile was hosted by Jennie Garth of 90210 and the new 90210 fame. Jennie seems very unHollywood. A genuine moment from the Style ‘n Smile fashion show was when Jennie introduced her daughter…the final model in the show. As each kid was introduced they showed off not only cool back-to-school clothes but what braces they were wearing…braces, Invisaligns, retainers, or no braces. For some pics, go here.

As a long-time reader and purchaser of Scholastic Books I jumped at the chance to attend the Scholastic in the City event. I was a guest at the Scholastic Books offices with a number of bloggers familiar to me, including the founders of MomSpark Media — Amy and Haley. Great event on my fave topic…books! Many good pointers about early childhood literacy.

Do you remember bringing home the Scholastic book order form? I don’t remember the order form, but do remember the book mobile visiting my elementary school. I purchased several books I still have…my mother has them in her basement for the grandchildren. The takeaway from this event was that teachers can have a dedicated website for their classes. Very good idea so that parents can see what books the teacher recommends.

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