I Know What I Did This Summer or #Backtoschool Needs to Get Here Quick!

Another lengthy comment that I am turning in to a blog post!!

You would think that since my children are 14, 11, and 7 that this summer would have been a breeze. Nope. It was an utter nightmare.

Thank goodness my teacher/administrator husband was off for part of June and all of July. He did the swim practices, camp runs, and play date drop offs. But, it was still hard to do work in set hours. I frittered time away on twitter when I could have been writing. It is also extremely hard to work when you know your family are having fun at the pool.

Health club? Have not exercised since early July. I believe I can verify my visit with a lone foursquare check-in.

When the kids weren’t in scheduled activities, all 3 clamored for screen time. I forced the older two to go outside and play, but really it was a losing battle. The days of entertaining kids outside with a swingset, bubbles, and chalk only work with the 7 yo.

Now that my husband is back at work…well our situation is actually worse. Swim team is over. I scheduled no camps for August. The camps I scheduled for July were only half-day for 2 weeks. I only did camps for the older two. This month I am working in between high school volleyball practice, playdates, and football practice. Why oh why is there no internet access at the practice fields?!?!

School can’t start quick enough.

Anyone want to do coffee on Monday???

The only plus to this otherwise trying and hectic summer? I bought a boatload of crafts from Michaels. The kids have done Model Magic, popsicle stick building, Perler beads, gimp thread, duct tape purses, and sand art. My kitchen is a mess but I have a little peace each day!

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