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Just like George Washington I cannot tell a lie. I also cannot pass up a good deal. Nope. I simply cannot pass up a deal. It is not in my nature to ignore a sweet deal. The sweeter the deal the more my eyes are drawn to it…like chocolate frosting on a cup cake. Mmmm. Wait what was I talking about? Sorry, got sidetracked thinking of yummy, delicious cupcakes. Oh, that’s right…deals…the sweeter the better.

Try as I might to buy full price, I simply cannot pay full price for anything. I’ve got my kids trained too. They know not to ask me if I will buy them an item unless the item is on sale. When I enter a retail store, I’m drawn to the sale racks. It is like an invisible force grabs me and moves me to the racks and racks of clothing on sale. I cannot move away from the sale racks unless I look at every garment or every item on the store shelves. And I can tell you that I have found TONS of awesome deals this way. I’m a regular deal magnet that’s what.

And it is not just in brick-and-mortar stores that I find great deals. I find them all the time online. When I happen upon a website, I ALWAYS go to the “Sale” section first. I won’t buy anything on amazon unless I can use my free Prime shipping. While pay full price when I can score a super sweet deal?

I’m not sure when Black Friday was invented. Has Black Friday been a thing for years and years? I don’t even know. All I know is that I have gone Black Friday shopping for at least the last 10 years. I only started celebrating Thanksgiving regularly when I graduated from college and spent many Thanksgiving Days with my boyfriend-then-husband. Before that I was living in England…the British don’t celebrate Thanksgiving for obvious reasons! I discovered Black Friday shopping some time later and haven’t looked back.

Snow Me The Money

Black Friday is a must shop day for me. Even my husband gets in on the act. Over the past few years, we do one of three things in our house on Black Friday:

  1. Husband shops.
  2. Wife shops.
  3. Husband and wife both shop online for Black Friday deals.

In recent years, we mostly do #3. Online deals are just what the doctor ordered. Plus you don’t have to get up at crack of dawn, drive in questionable weather, brave maniacal drivers, fight to the death for a parking space, or get in to a brawl with a fellow shopper for that purse or TV or hottest toy. Not that I have been in a brawl over a purse or even seen anyone getting in to fisticuffs, but you know what I mean.

Another plus for not going out on Black Friday morning is that I live in a rural area. Any store I want to drive to is at least 30 minutes away, if not 45 minutes away, which means that once I arrive at one store I know I will have to drive at least 25 to 35 minutes to the next store. Black Friday shopping at actual stores means I rack up a ton of driving…not my favorite way to spend any day, let alone this very busy traffic day.

So I shop from the comfort of my home in the comfort of my pajamas preferably in front of a roaring fire. Thanks Dad Knows Better! Staying warm and toasty is much better than braving the cold and rain/snow/hail on Black Friday morn…even if the deals are sweet. I know that the online Black Friday deals are just as good if not better.

RetailMeNot has the tools to make your holiday great!

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And I would be remiss if I didn’t share some particularly sweet RetailMeNot Black Friday deals with you my very lovely readers!

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