The Minions Are Coming to a City Near You

Those Minions are cute, aren’t they? So yellow and round and don’t you love how they have their own language. Those squeaky voices make me giggle, especially when one of them is super excited about something. Reminds me of my babies before they speak “People” and only spoke “Baby.” I could listen to the babbling for hours, unless of course one of them was frustrated that I didn’t speak “Baby” and then I was beside myself trying to understand what they wanted.
My first encounter with Despicable Me was at a blog conference of all places. I was at Mom 2.0 sitting in a breakfast session when a couple of Minions walked on to the speaker’s platform. To say that I was taken aback was an understatement. I probably was talking to the others at my table and didn’t hear the announcement about the arrival of the Minions. I “think” that there was a screening of Despicable Me at Mom 2.0. I’m not sure because I didn’t attend that screening.
The kids and I saw both Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 in the theater. Great movies. So many funny moments. Despicable Me is the rare sequel that holds its own.
In celebration of Despicable Me 2 coming to Blu-ray and DVD on December 10th, Universal Studios Home Entertainment is letting loose Minion Mobiles in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia!
Don’t live in these cities? There are other fun initiatives happening around the country. Check this page to see what is happening in your area.
The Minion Mobiles will be distributing fun Despicable Me 2 prizes and other surprises including a Minion Island Vacation to Hawaii!
Looks out for the trucks in these cities:
  • LA – 3 weeks (Starting Week of 11/25/13)
  • NYC – 3 weeks (Starting Week of 11/25/13)
  • CHI — 2 weeks (Starting Week of 12/2/13)
  • PHI — 2 weeks (Starting Week of 12/2/13)

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