TV: From My Strange Addiction to Extreme Cheapskates

TV Dinners and Family Movie Night

Felt blah this morning and watched a DVR’d Scandal, then moved on to My Strange Addiction with the lady with the 5-inch toe nails, the 15-inch finger nails, and the two body guards to keep pedestrians from stepping on her toes. Her godson and nephew were clearly ticked off at how much they had to do for her. Next up was a lady who ate dirt. She shopped Home Depot’s gardening section like the food booths at Costco. She was positively giddy when she found a bag of potting soil that had sprung a leak. She likes to sample “dirt before she buys so that the dirt isn’t too leafy.”

Then it was on to Extreme Cheapskates where a wife was complaining about how cheap her husband is. He only lets the family eat out at a “fine dining establishment” once a year but pays for the meal with a bag of coins…not coins rolled into sleeves, but a bag of pennies, nickels, etc. She got her own back on her husband by inviting an elderly aunt and uncle to the restaurant. I’m here for this pettiness!

My favorite reality show cheapskate…the guy who buys a shirt, puts the tag of the shirt in a ziploc baggie, wears the shirt, washes the shirt with the tag in the ziploc, then returns the shirt to the store for a refund after his date. His date was hilarious. He ordered 1 rib and asked his date if he could split her meal. He left the restaurant with containers of BBQ sauce, paper plates, the part of his date’s meal that she did not eat, and a straw. And my friends is some good, sick day TV viewing.

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