Hi! I’m Musings from Me and I Am a Reality TV Addict

Time waster? Who me? Would I search about on the internet to solve a question that has bothered me for weeks? You know troll about twitter…check out wikipedia…search on imdb. Why? To find the identity of an obscure reality TV actor from an equally obscure reality TV show, that’s why!

Well, yes I did. My burning question? Who is Chef Jesse? Jesse who? I know! I saw Chef Jesse on Private Chefs of Beverly Hills. I watch way toooo much reality TV. I DVR. I watch. I channel surf. It is my release after writing posts, etc. I CANNOT watch TV and write at the same time. Multitasking is not my strong suit.

As I watched the episode where Jesse and his co-chef cook a three-course meal for dogs and their owners, I was consumed with the thought that I had seen Jesse before. Yes…the chefs cooked gourmet hamburgers for a group of over privileged dogs. But where had I see Jesse before?

I was stumped. I ran through the list of suspects. Was he on the Kardashians…that show with Flavor Flav…American Idol?? Grabbing at straws here, people.

IMDB to the rescue. Jesse was on Workout. Do you remember Workout? The exercise fitness show with Jackie Warner…she was the very scary, blonde-haired boss who called clients to see why there weren’t at the club exercising. Remind me not to join her club!

Jesse was one of the trainers on the show. So how do you make the switch from trainer to chef. Is it a reality show thing where actors audition for reality shows…any kind of reality sh0w? Are the actors hired for the show based on their acting rather than skills? A kind of jack-of-all-reality show actor? Sounds like it to me.

Oh and for even more trivia…Chef Brian on the Private Chefs of Beverly Hills? He was on Top Chef in 2006 for one episode. Now, that makes more sense to me to move from Top Chef to a cooking show, but to move from a fitness show to a cooking show sounds like a stretch to me. Oh and I found out that Chef Brian owns Comfort Truck — a mobile catering business in LA. Comfort Truck is on twitter, too.

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