Feast Yer Eyes! #BraveCarsLandEvent

One of our favorite family pastimes is movies. Watching ’em at home. Road tripping to a movie. Even getting an invite to one of those oh-so-fun-I-saw-it-first screenings. Heck, I’d even watch a movie on our rickety car DVD with the family. With a busy mom and dad, and three kids in a myriad of activities, well I’ve said it before…family time is precious to us. Doesn’t matter if we are able to sit down to dinner for 20 minutes. And some nights 20 minutes is the only time we are all in the same location. Or if we are only a family of 4 instead of a family of 5. Family time is golden.

One movie has my teen in stitches. My teen is not one to get overly excited about much. She has her likes and her dislikes. And if she dislikes something she’ll let you know LOUD and CLEAR. A movie trailer has become something that is clearly in her Likes column. Brave, the new flick from Disney and Pixar makes her chuckle and literally laugh out loud.

In fact, all of us are itching to see Brave. How could I resist a film set in my native land? Now Brave is actually set in Scotland…but the geographers among you will know that England is ever so close and by close I mean attached to Scotland. So, I’m claiming Scotland as my pseudo homeland!

Brave is about a little girl who is not about to let people tell her what to do. I have three kids — two girls and one boy — who embody this sentiment every day. One of our all time favorite movies is Mulan and Brave reminds me very much of what we loved about Mulan. Mulan featured a young Chinese girl who fought to bring honor to her family and China. From what I can see, Brave is the type of movie that every little girl should see. No fairy princesses in this movie! Not that I don’t love princesses, because I do. But I love a movie where girls are the lead character.

Here’s a short clip to whet your appetite for Brave…and it’s funny, too!

Want to find out more about Brave?

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