Where Was I? Where Will I Be? #SheCon12

I’ve been a little quiet lately. Not quiet on Facebook. No, I’m never quiet on Facebook. Quite the contrary. I’m kind of a talking machine on Facebook. Online friends “get” that talking on Facebook seemingly all day is what I do for a living. Offline friends fall in to two camps. One group probably think I have nothing better to do with my time than hang out on Facebook. The other group are a little more social media savvy and “get” what I am doing.

In a strange, but oh so gratifying, turn of events, I will be speaking about what I do at a conference. And I’ll be speaking about it soon. This weekend in fact. Now in my former working life I was the behind-the-scenes PR/communications person at conferences. I recall prepping for speeches by General Colin Powell and Dick Cheney quite a few years ago. Soooooo, it will be fun and nerve-wracking to be on the other side of the podium. But, I was asked to speak about a topic — monetizing your blog — that I am very familiar about.

I’ll be speaking at SheCon Expo in Orlando. Yes, my kids and husband are more than a little jealous that I get to see the mouse. Don’t worry, we’re probably heading back to Orlando in June for the teen’s big volleyball competition. The kids will get to see the mouse then, you can be sure of it.

So, if you are at SheCon Expo give me a holler or catch me on Twitter — @MusingsfromMe — or follow the conference on Twitter — @SheConExpo — or catch up with conference chatter with the hashtags — #SheCon #SheCon12.

Oh, before I forget, here’s what else I have been doing lately…

  • I was quoted in a MomCrunch article about blogging after 40. Thanks, Cecily!
  • I threw in my two cents’ worth about the iPad. No, I don’t have an iPad. Yes, I can pretty much express an opinion about anything!
  • I took a deep breath and calculated how much money I sent in to my child’s elementary school. Yikes! I’m a regular contributor to AboutOne’s blog.
  • Also for AboutOne’s blog I wrote about keeping school supplies at the ready.
  • One of my other writing gigs is for 5 Minutes for Mom…check out this giveaway for an enormous bucket o’ blocks.

Speaking of conferences…are you BlogHer 12 bound? I am. Before you plan your itinerary and travel schedule, don’t forget to check out the Mom Spark Forum for all things BlogHer. In ’10, I met a ton of people before the conference through the Mom Spark Forum. And the forum is free to join.

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