A Squishy, Good Squishy Review

Squishy. Squeezy. Gooey. Malleable.

These were the words going through my mind as I watched my kid rip in to the Gak. She pulled it out. Moved her fingers over it. Pushed it. Pulled it. Squished it.

As my kid was playing with the Gak, I was standing beside her. You know what I wanted to do, right? I wanted to rip the Gak out of her hands and play with it myself! The Gak was so brightly colored. So interesting looking. So different from other crafty play substances we have tried.

My kids all had a squeeze of the oh-so-squeezable Gak. My daughter chose the red. My son chose the yellow. The red Gak was bright and shiny. The yellow was neon, almost fluorescent. In fact all the colors were amazingly vibrant.

The kids also got a chance to play with Floam. I had purchased Floam a few years ago, but I was a little disappointed in how it worked. I was interested to see if the structure of Floam had changed. After watching the kids play with Floam, I was pleasantly surprised. The kids were able to mold the Floam to create balls, rolls, and other structures. Nice job, Nickelodeon!

Gak comes in a handy container…shaped like a paint splash. Bright, very bright colors include…Planet Purple…Gross-Out Green…Blast-Off Blue…Outrageous Orange.

I know you want to know how easy it is clean up Gak. Clean up of a crafty toy is always top in my mind. When we first took the Gak out it was a little sticky. Stuck to my kids’ fingers. As they kneaded and pulled on the Gak it became less sticky and there was less residue on their hands. Like all crafty substances, it’s probably not a good idea to have kids play with it near carpet. It’s a good idea to cover your child’s work surface with a plastic mat, like a table mat. Gak is washable and non-toxic.

Want to learn more about Gak…and Floam?

  • Visit the Gak site to learn more.
  • Visit the Floam site to learn more.
  • Gak is available from Toys R Us, AC Moore, Beth Bath & Beyond, and Target. Floam is available at the same places, as well as, Walgreens.
  • You can buy a Gak Starter Set for $34.95 with a tub of Floam.
  • Like Nickelodeon Gak on Facebook.

I was sent a gift set of Gak and Floam to facilitate my review. The views expressed in this post are my own. I follow the tenets of Blog With Integrity.

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