Tips for Healthy Relationships: Never Forget Anniversaries

When it comes to anniversaries, birthdays, and really any special occasion, my husband is the best. He remembers EVERYTHING. Has never forgotten our wedding anniversary. Even remembers our first date. I’m the opposite.

This photo has nothing to do with's funny so I'm adding it...

Oh, I always remember our wedding anniversary. But do I do anything about it? Rarely. I want to do something special. But forget to coordinate a dinner out with babysitting. Book theater tickets. Not even a card. Very sad panda, isn’t it?

My husband on the other hand will give me flowers. Or a plant. Or a humorous card. Or plan a dinner out.

Lest you think that I am a total loser on the wife front, I am totally on my game when it comes to birthdays and holidays. It’s like I have a tiny short-term memory. I can only remember birthdays for my husband and kids plus 4 grandparent birthdays plus Christmas and Easter and Valentine’s Day. That’s it. The dates for our wedding anniversary cannot be squeezed in to my short-term memory banks. No room. And the date of our first date?? No room for that either. Luckily, Coach Dad is on the case because clearly I am quite hopeless.

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