Don’t Buy Junky Toys…Buy Classics

As a mom-to-be, I spent hours, days, and months searching for the perfect baby equipment form my baby. I am a fossil so all my searching was done by actually driving to stores, walking up and down the aisles, and asking questions of salespeople. Quite retro I know.

Oh, we did have a home computer, but in 1995 we were stuck in the death valley of dial up. Getting on to the internet was hit or miss at best. It was quicker to drive to the store!

Not all baby stores are made alike are they? Babies R Us and Target while stocked with a plethura of fabulous baby goodies were lacking in one key ingredient…salespeople who could tell a crib mobile from a crib busy center.

As a one of the Founder OpenSky sellers…I am proud to be able to offer a range of baby and toddler and preschooler toys.

Melissa & Doug Decorate a Picture Frame — Cute gift idea!

Baby Diner — A plate that suctions to the table for easy eating for baby and minimal cleanup for mom. Buy Now

Stainless Steel Baby Bottle — Start with stainless baby bottle with nipple…transition to sippy cup using same stainless steel bottle. Bottles are dishwasher safe. — Check it out!

Bracelet for Mom…and Teething Toy for Baby — Buy Now

Stay tuned! I plan to add more toys to my OpenSky Store.

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