Kids Love Science…in Any Form

Science is a hit in our house. My children love doing experiments. Any experiments. With children, it doesn’t matter what the experiment is. It matters that the child is able to take an active role with the assistance on mom, dad, or a caregiver.

My teen and I sat down at the kitchen table when she was a tiny three-year-old to make a frothy drink. She was given a subscription to a kid’s magazine. She was a curious prereader who insisted that we make a drink. I was skeptical as we didn’t have a few of the ingredients. She was persistent so we set out to make the frothy drink by following a recipe.

In my mind, recipes, water play, and anything where a child can see something happen is a science experiment. By using the term “science experiment” loosely almost anything we do/make/observe can become a science experiment. My teen is now a veteran of the school Science Fair project. I credit her love of science to those early kitchen-table science experiments.

KNOW is the Science Magazine for Curious Kids. My son received a link to the online version of this magazine. He is a good, but reluctant reader. He will listen to anybody read, but has to be encouraged to read on his own. The KNOW Magazine was just his speed. Each page either had one story with a photo or a series of short stories with many photos. He loved the story about the See Through Frog and Aracade Raid — a game page.

I read an alarming statistic that the number of young adults pursuing careers in science in the U.S. is far less than in other countries. By encouraging kids to take an interest in science at a young age, more children will want to pursue science as a career.

From the website… Mad Science, the world’s leading science enrichment provider, launched KNOW Magazine, a publication specifically designed to engage and excite children at an age when science proves as important as math, reading and writing. Geared to children 6 to 9, KNOW Magazine provides kids with age-appropriate articles, fun science and technology facts, games, puzzles, and experiments. With six issues per year all free of outside advertising, the magazine covers everything from dinosaurs and animals, to the solar system and the human body to keep kids engaged year-round. The magazine’s educational focus combines learning and entertainment in a way Moms can feel good about.

Are you curious about The Science Magazine for Curious Kids? Do you want to see what KNOW is all about? Click here to download a free Sept./Oct. KNOW issue and see for yourself what great things it has to offer. You and your child will love what you see…take it for me!

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by  Mom Central on behalf of Mad Science and received the products necessary to  facilitate my review. In addition, I received a gift certificate to thank me  for taking the time to participate.

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