Do You Do This?

ist1_5856076_hot_dog_combo2When your spouse is losing weight, are you encouraging or do you make your spouse feel guilty about trying to get in shape? I’m sad to admit that I am not a cheerleader when my husband is dieting. He — like most men — will say that he is giving up late-night snacks and actually stick to his guns. If he plans to go to the gym he will. I know…it shocks me as well. But, there I go again with the negativity. What is it about me that can not be a supportive spouse? Are you a supportive spouse?

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  1. ParentopiaDevra
    June 15, 2009 at 12:38 pm

    It’s quite the question isn’t it? I think for my husband he just doesn’t like any kind of change in routine, whether it be his or mine. He’s not what one would calll flexible that way. And it wasn’t the military that made him that way, he’ll be the first to tell anyone it was his German mother!

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