Discount Codes. Deals. Free Shipping. I Love a Good Deal!

Do you remember a time when you bought what you wanted, when you wanted, and didn’t care what anyone said about what you purchased? In my 20s and single, I was never a shop-til-you-drop gal, but if I needed a shirt or a dress or a pair of shoes, I didn’t consult anyone. I never asked permission. I bought the cute pair of shoes and that was that.

Now that I am not in my 20s and married, I am far more likely to ask permission of my husband before I purchase anything. And it is not as though my husband would ever say “No” or anything like that. No, in fact he is just as likely to as my permission before he makes a purchase. Neither of us buy clothes or shoes regularly, but when it comes to stuff for the kids or electronics we both love to shop.

While we may not always agree on what to buy, we both agree that we NEVER want to pay full price. Never! I will search high and low to find a deal Even if all I find is free shipping or 10% off, I am a happy camper. I love saving whenever I can. My husband was late-the-game to saving but now he is all about amazon prime free shipping or saving a bundle at one store when the priceĀ  at another store is too high.

From time to time on this blog, I talk about deals. Shoe deals. Holiday deals. Restaurant deals. When I find a deal I love, it instantly becomes one of My Deals. I love my deals…every last one of them. What are your favorite ways to save money? Do you like finding free shipping? Money off an item with a discount code?

A recent Money Magazine article gave five tips to avoid paying full price. I high fived each and every one of the tips! The tips include:

  • Not impulse buying the item you want, but instead waiting for special sales or a deal, like Groupon.
  • Scrutinizing the unit price to see if it is indeed a bargain or not.
  • Don’t shun generic. You can find good deals on generic canned veggies or even generic cough syrup.
  • Use apps to find the best price or deal on the item you want.
  • And last, but not least, ask for a discount…even if it makes you uncomfortable.

I wouldn’t be comfortable asking a store assistant for a deal, but I have no problem searching online for deals and discounts and free shipping codes. What is your favorite way to save money?

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