I’m Ignoring My Drafts Folder So There!

I should scroll through my drafts. Find one that I like. Finish it. And finally publish it. I mean I have 30-plus posts in draft. Surely one of those is ripe? I could pluck it out of the drafts folder, spruce it up a bit, and finally publish the darn thing. But I won’t and I’m O.K. with that.

Today I don’t want to be constrained by whatever topic I chose to write about and then stopped writing about. Maybe the topic isn’t any good. Perhaps there is a reason why the post has languished in draft. Maybe I would die of boredom writing it. Not to mention that you my readers might slowly sink in to a coma while reading the post.

Leaving those draft posts is probably just as well. Today I don’t want to rehash the distant past, but I do want to talk about this past weekend.

Friday seems very far away though it was only a scant 4 days ago. But, Friday was a bit of a whirlwind. One kid had midterms all week and a few other lingering Q2 assignments. One kid did not have midterms but had a few tests. How can two high schools be on such completely different schedules? One had midterms before Christmas, and the other had midterms at mid January. One kid didn’t have midterms and mercifully didn’t have a science project, a book report, a diorama, or a hanging mobile due. It was a banner week. But, back to Friday…

By Friday evening, homework, classwork, studying for midterms was done for the week. Two kids and dad headed out of town for a volleyball tournament. One kid and mom stayed in town. Hadn’t planned it that way, but that’s how the cards fell. Wasn’t entirely happy about a couple of the logistics but it was all I had to work with.

With a relatively empty house, one kid and I enjoyed each other’s company…immensely. I knew we’d be fine on Friday night with the hubbub of the husband and two kids leaving for the weekend. Especially as she had a swim meet the next day. Friday was an easy night.

Saturday was busy with a capital “B.” She had an early swim meet…we awoke early…arrived on time…didn’t get lost driving to the meet…had a lovely lunch at Panera to celebrate the completion of her second 500 Free…had a celebratory Tutti Frutti stop for froyo after Part 2 of her swim meet…and finally home for Ramen noodles (her choice) and the Office and Secret Life of the American Teenager on Netflix (both her choices). I tried to persuade her to see a movie since we passed a movie theater on our way home. She was exhausted from the swim meet while I was raring to go…I guess I should swim a few hundred laps to be in her flippers…uh shoes. Great day.

Sunday…she had a friend over. In between freezing to death and slurping coffee to keep warm, I moved and sorted and made space for some stuff in my garage. I’m an always-decluttering-but-rarely-cleaning type of person, however I live in the sort of home that begs to be clean.

Monday was lazy until we had to wend our way to the doctor appointment. Heading home was fun as we got to be reunited with the husband and the two kids.

Great weekend.

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