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I want to sell my toys!

I heard my daughter say these words. I was caught off guard. What did she say? I was completely and utterly dumbstruck. My kid wants to sell her toys?! My kid who demanded that Santa bring her another Barbie Dreamhouse, after Mommy (me) had to admit that she had consigned the other Barbie Dreamhouse. Ahem she noticed the mysterious disappearance of the Barbie house. In my defense, no one noticed that I had removed the doll house from the playroom for a full year!

Once I recovered from my shock, I set about helping her to sell her toys through two community yard sales and a local consignment store. With the items she sold, she was able to buy a new phone case and some makeup. She was a happy camper!

From time to time, I sell items that we no longer need. With the profits, I like to purchase items on our family’s wish list. With a house, full of kids and teens, our wish list is full of phones, tablets, music players, and even headphones. If you hadn’t noticed, kids, tweens, and teens have expensive tastes. Gone are the days when a pile of toys would satisfy the kids for birthdays or the holidays.

Shopping online or in stores for electronic gadgets that kids want can be eye-opening. Have you seen the price of some of these items? Yikes! I know of a site where you can bid on high ticket items, but not spend a whole lot of money: DealDash.

Deal Dash is a site for “easy to win, fair and honest auctions.” Here’s how works:

  • Every auction starts at $0.00.
  • When you bid on an item you want, you only raise the price by $0.01.
  • There are no reserve prices as everything must go.
  • Each time a bid is placed the countdown clock is restarted.
  • If no new bids are placed before the clock runs out, the highest bidder wins the DealDash auction.
  • Once the auction is over, the winner buys the item for its final price, which is usually 60-99% off the retail price.

And, to sweeten the pot…so to speak…Membership to Deal Dash is free and so is shipping. If you don’t win your bid, you get all of your Bids back. Bidding on items is risk free. Also, you can buy the item using the Buy It Now option.


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