Resolutions for the 2013…for Work, Family, and Home

Things that make me say “Hmmmmm.” Today’s hmmmmm-inducing moment…I searched my blog for the word “bucket” to find my Bucket List post. Apparently, I have used the word “bucket” 137 times on my blog. Doesn’t this sound like a lot? I probably used a few to talk about children’s toys, a few more in posts about vacations. But, 137 is a huge number whichever way you cut it. Even bearing in mind that I have had a blog since 2008. That is a lot of uses of the word bucket!

But, back to my Bucket List. At the end of 2012, I saw more and more posts about resolutions, bucket lists, and even “What is your word for 2013?” I have never blogged about New Year’s Resolutions…wait have I? Off to check… Interesting I’d obviously forgotten about the resolutions posts from 2012 and 2010.

So how did I do with my NYE Resolutions in 2012? Let’s see. Since I didn’t use a numbered list format, I’ll have to work with what I have to make it quantifiable if it is even possible.

NYE Resolutions 2012 and Results

  1. Chores Keep going with the chore chart. — Stopped mid year, but until I stopped I was very consistent. Kids each earned one item. I changed the reward system at the mid-year point to reflect that the older two would do chores to earn their phones and access to the FIOS. The younger kid would do chores for access to the household wifi and access to his iPod Touch and DS. chore chart. — Grade: B.
  2. Exercise — Get back in to exercise. — With three children in sports, I’m in the car A LOT. Last year’s resolution was a good one, but I didn’t follow through. I had spurts of exercise, but I could have done so much better. Grade: C-.
  3. Praise — Be as liberal with praise as critique. — The years keep getting more hectic, with little let up in our daily acitivities and commitments. I mean well, I really do, but when I am stressed out or running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, my even-keeledness takes a hike. I heaped the praise on to everyone including my equally stressed out husband whenever I could. I had spurts during the year where I was really cognizant of not — for want of a better word — being a nag. Naggy Mom is hard to live with…she’s exacting. She’s trying to get everything done but doesn’t have any reserves to spare. She is hard to please. She wants tasks done just so. Everyone would prefer to be around “Praise-y Mom.” Grade: B.
  4. Homework — Revive the homework routiine. — As much as my kids moan and groan about homework, it is a fact of life. Homework assigned must be completed. Took a bit but I got my youngest on a consistent routine of coming home from school, eating a snack, getting ome outside exercise, and finally doing homework. Grade: A-/B+.

What Are My Resolutions for 2013?

The four resolutions from last yeear I’m going to keep on my list with a few tweaks. There’s a bit of overlap between my 2013 Resolutions and my 2013 Bucket List. Still trying to figure out which ones go on which list.

  1. Chores Keep going with the chores. Assign each child one chore per day, plus bedroom tidying. Rotate chores.
  2. Exercise — Get back in to exercise. Add exercise as a calendar item…and exercise. Besides, who loves crossing items off my list as much as I do?
  3. Praise — Be as liberal with praise as critique.
  4. Homework — Keep going with the homework routiine.
  5. Home improvements and repairs — Fix the light on master edroom ceiling fan. Fix toilet and sink.
  6. Decluttering — Continue to purge storage room.
  7. Sort — Sort and sift and purge work stuff and scrapbooking materials in the office.
  8. Plan a vacation…possibly combined with a college visit for the teen. Just plan it early, so there is no scrambling around at the last minute.
  9. Set a daily work schedule and stick to it.
  10. Give my work tax stuff to my husband early.
  11. Meals — Cook  more meals at home. Plan more meals.

I’m stopping here. I probably have a few more items to add to the list. Until then I give you…my 2013 Resolutions. Do you make resolutions each year? What is one of your resolutions?  

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