Clean and Tidy Is Fleeting

Saturday and Sunday while the family or some parts of the family at least were out I broke down Christmas in our family room. Packed up our silver Star Trek tree. Yes, we have an entire tree devoted to the Hallmark Star Trek ornaments…thanks to my mother’s gift to my husband. Between you and I, I like that my favorite Christmas ornaments are not overshadowed by various Enterprise ships with flashing lights AND Worf with his scythe.

While I was disassembling the family room tree — still have another larger artificial tree in the living room — I moved all the toys, furniture, and everything else not nailed down. Why? Well, I have a notion to buy a sectional couch for the family room.

I moved our existing couch to the middle of the room at an angle to see if I liked the look of a sectional. Our family room is long with large windows at one end and French doors at the other. The only place for the TV is in one corner angled away from the wall. Our options for furniture placement are limited.

Once I moved all the furniture, there was no excuse not to vacuum. The room was not as dusty as I thought. Felt good to get rid of cobwebs and dust bunnies.

The room looked great…without Xmas decorations, with furniture rearranged, with toys stashed in the corner. The only issue was a pile of scrapbooking bags behind the couch.

Four days later the room looks trashed again. Toys on the floor. Socks and shoes under the coffee table. The odd can of Diet Pepsi sitting on an end table. I added to the mess by bringing up 3 boxes of framed photographs that I had stored in the basement.

So less than a week later our family room is back to status quo. Messy. Messy. Messy.

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