Oyster Locals: The Search for Gourmet Food Trucks in D.C.

I’m at it again! I’m over at Oyster Locals Blog dishing on gourmet food trucks in D.C. and the role twitter plays.


You have to be living under a rock to NOT know what Twitter is. This townhall meeting/news source/search engine serves up bite-size nuggets of information on just about everything — including your next meal. Want to know where to get lunch from your favorite D.C. food truck? Just go to twitter.

A year ago, after attending an event in Georgetown, I caught sight of a pink truck. A pink truck is not what you see everyday on the streets in D.C. It turned out to be Curbside Cupcakes, Washington, D.C.’s first mobile cupcake truck. Four days a week (Tuesday through Friday) two pink trucks cruise through the streets of D.C., and on Saturday, one truck runs the cupcake route. To find out when the Curbside Cupcakes truck will come to where you are in D.C., just follow @CurbsideCupcake! Helpful tweets pinpoint the location of Pinky #1 and Pinky #2 each day.

Mobile food trucks have been on the road for decades, but the latest generation of trucks is nothing like the metal food wagons of yesteryear. Gourmet food trucks have graced the streets of major cities for the last couple of years. In New York over the summer, I had the most delicious gourmet Belgian waffle from a food truck. D.C. now boasts a number of gourmet food trucks.

Whether you are in D.C. for business or pleasure, why not sample breakfast or lunch from a food truck? To find out where these trucks are, check them out on Twitter or on their websites.

  • Craving pizza? Try D.C.’s only mobile pizza oven. @DCSlices
  • Mmmm, breakfast tacos. @DistrictTaco
  • Sammies anyone? @FLmeetsDC
  • Billed as a traveling culinary carnival…try… @Fojolbros
  • The @LobstertruckDC brings the freshest Maine lobster to D.C.
  • For a taste of global cuisine, check out @WhereSauca. I sampled a Where Sauca dish while I was at a mom-and-baby event near George Washington University at Foggy Bottom.

Now that you know where to grab a meal, check out a few solid choices for where to stay.

– Jill Berry of Musings from Me

[Photo Credit: Jill Berry]

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