Overcoming Connection Problems to Make It Work

Connectivity is golden. This weekend I did not take my internet connection for granted…not for a minute. It started Friday when FIOS was down for the count at my house. I have daily tasks that need to get done — internet connection or not.

After dealing with tech support, it was clear that there was no quick fix. A service call was scheduled.

Thank goodness my phone has a Mobile Hotspot, which I can hook to my laptop. My Palm Pre Plus is a major source of frustration for me…except for the Mobile HotSpot.

We left for an out-of-town trip on Friday — more connectivity worries and challenges. Would I be able to get my tasks done or not? I knew that I needed to be connected as I had projects to tweet about, blogs to post to.

The Mobile HotSpot and my smartphone saved the weekend for me. I tweeted before and after my daughter’s volleyball matches. I logged on in the hotel room after my family were asleep. I tweeted from the car…while waiting at Sonic. During her last match I found the one lone plug in the vast convention center to charge my laptop before the journey home. Long days of play followed by long nights of work, but I got it done.

I tried to add photos to this post. Couldn’t understand why I was getting an I/O error when I tried to access the disk. Uh…this ancient desktop can’t handle an SD card. Ah, technology you are always trying to test me.

I’ll post photos from my laptop of the volleyball tournament.

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