Catching Tasty Waves at Belmar Beach Day + Discount #JerseyLove #D6SurfSkimmer #HangTenOriginals

A week or two ago, I was part of something big. You know about Super Storm Sandy. You know how hard the Jersey Shore was hit by Sandy. But what you might not know is that many families are still struggling. Some are not able to return to their homes. Still others are repairing their homes as they go. Rebuilding the Jersey Shore is a long process.

For one weekend, I got to help. I was part of the #JerseyLove Social Moms for Social Good trip. While in Atlantic City and Belmar, we presented the Mayor of Belmar with a very generous donation to help displaced families return to their homes. The donation from the New Jersey Digital Moms and Social Media Moms would not have been possible without the financial support of D6 Surf Skimmer and its parent company, Hang Ten Originals. Those D6 and Hang Ten guys and gals rock AND boy do they know surfing!!

While in Belmar my son got to be a real life surfer dude. How cool is that? Here’s a photo montage of our day on the Jersey Shore “test driving” the new D6 Surf Skimmer board for kids 5-12.

My son got a private surfing lesson from a professional surfer. Pretty cool for a kid!

surfskimmer_001 (166 of 71)

He’s ready to take the D6 Surf Skimmer out for a spin!

surfskimmer_001 (167 of 71)

He’s poised. He’s ready to catch a wave!

surfskimmer_001 (165 of 71)

Looking for a tasty wave!

surfskimmer_001 (164 of 71)

He’s ready to surf on the new D6 Surf Skimmer!

surfskimmer_001 (162 of 71)

What is perfection? Finding the perfect wave!

surfskimmer_001 (168 of 71)

After an afternoon trying out the D6 Surf Skimmer, he built sandcastles!

surfskimmer_001 (111 of 51)

We were wet. We were drenched. But we had a fun time on the Jersey Shore!

surfskimmer_001 (113 of 51)

While my son caught some waves, I caught up with my blogging friends…Shana and Beth!

jerseylove_001 (126 of 64)

All photographs were taken by @BabyPop of Thanks Sherry Aikens!

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